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Cepu City


Well-known as a city of oil industry and transit town from Central Java-East Java, Cepu city serve every traveler with different experience of local attraction. Enjoy unforgettable culinary journey at Cepu with various signature food such as Chicken Satay (Indonesian skewer), Soto Ambengan, Swike Purwodadi, Seafood Kloto and other local taste. Observe traditional wood handcraft workshop that produces high-quality artistic home furniture. All you can enjoy while your stay at the Hotel Cepu Indah.


Handcraft Workshop


Well-known wood crafter at Cepu City that has been recognize for their distinctive talent for producing artistic taylor-made furniture. Most their product has been sent to most of five-star hotel at big cities in Indonesia.

Culinary Experience

Ayam Opor Pak Pangat

Best know as gracious local taste that has invited most of traveler to try their homemade delight curry soup of whole-some chicken. With rich ingredients, Ayam Opor Pak Pangat serve our appetite whole-heatedly and bring us the old memories of our family.

Culinary Experience

Sate Ayam Purwodadi

As one of city signature dish that being recognize nation-wide, chicken satay of Purwodadi has been establish its famous for years. Here, we can really enjoy barbecue grilled chicken skewer in origin taste.